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Exploring the Power of Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation Therapy is a transformative healing modality that delves deep into the dynamics of family systems to bring about resolution and personal growth. In this article, we’ll explore what Family Constellation Therapy is and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to engage in this profound therapeutic approach.

Understanding Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation Therapy, often referred to as Systemic Constellation Work, is a holistic and experiential therapeutic method developed by Bert Hellinger. It aims to uncover hidden dynamics within a family or a group and resolve underlying issues that may be causing emotional, psychological, or even physical problems in an individual’s life.

The Core Concept

At its core, Family Constellation Therapy operates on the principle that each family has its unique energy field or “family soul.” This field connects all family members across generations and influences their behaviours, emotions, and life experiences. Problems and conflicts arise when there are unresolved issues or imbalances within this family system.

The Steps to Family Constellation Therapy

Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of conducting a Family Constellation Therapy session:

Step 1: Setting the Stage

The facilitator, often referred to as the “constellator,” creates a safe and respectful environment for the session. They invite the client, or “seeker,” to share their issue or intention for the constellation.

Step 2: Choosing Representatives

The seeker then selects participants from the group or uses symbolic objects to represent family members or elements related to their issue. These representatives stand in for the real family members and are intuitively placed in the room.

Step 3: Revealing the Dynamics

As the representatives stand in position, a remarkable phenomenon unfolds. They start to feel emotions, sensations, or insights that are relevant to the family’s dynamics. This process allows hidden conflicts and loyalties to surface.

Step 4: Facilitating Resolution

With the guidance of the constellation, the seeker witnesses the dynamics and gains insights into the root causes of their issues. Through dialogue and healing movements, resolutions and reconciliations can take place, bringing about profound healing.

Step 5: Integration

The insights gained during the constellation are integrated into the seeker’s life. This may involve taking action or making changes to align with the new understanding and healing achieved during the session.


In conclusion, Family Constellation Therapy is a potent healing tool that can bring about transformation and resolution in various areas of life, including relationships, health, and personal growth. By addressing the hidden dynamics within family systems, individuals can find healing and liberation.

If you’re seeking profound healing or wish to explore the dynamics of your family system, consider embarking on a journey of Family Constellation Therapy. It’s a path towards understanding and resolving the intricate web of relationships that shape our lives.


Charka Healing is a process by which you can become more aligned to the universal force and all your visualization will take place.
Charka Healing is a process by which you can become more aligned to the universal force and all your visualization will take place.